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New Inn at Winterbourne Monkton – now open for business

The New inn in Winterbourne Monkton is now back up and running and in the hands of new management and I have been asked by Cody and Ben to circulate information about opening hours for the next couple of weeks.  They are as follows:

Saturday 22nd – 6pm – 11pm
Sunday 23rd – 12 noon – 5pm
Monday 24th – 6pm – 11pm
Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th – 12 noon – 2pm
Thursday 27th – closed
Friday 28th – 6pm – 11pm
Saturday 29th – 6pm – 11pm
Sunday 30th – 12 noon – 5pm
Monday 31st – 6pm – 12.30am
Tuesday 1st – 12 noon – 2pm
In time Cody and Ben would like to email people directly but, owing to the new privacy rules, they cannot unless you have specifically given them permission to do so.  They do not, as yet, have a proper email address for the pub but, as soon as they do so, they will start this process.

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