Changes to bus 42 at Winterbourne Monkton from 5th September 2016

Due to problems being experienced by the new buses on route 42 when trying to pass through Winterbourne Monkton village, from 5th September buses travelling to / from Marlborough will only pick up and set down passengers at the bus shelters on the Swindon Road (A4361).

If you wish to travel to Marlborough, bus 42 will pick up at the Northbound stop at Winterbourne Monkton at 9.30am, every day except Sundays and public holidays.  The bus will then also pick up at the southbound bus stop at 9.35am, after turning round at Berwick Bassett.

In the afternoon, buses will return from Marlborough to Winterbourne Monkton at 12.25pm, 4.45pm & 5.45pm on Weekdays and at 12.25pm on Saturdays.  However when you board the bus, please make sure that you tell the driver that you want to get off at Winterbourne Monkton, as those buses will only call here if the driver knows that there are passengers to get off.


If you need more information about the 42 bus service or if you experience any problems with it, please ring

Wiltshire Council’s Passenger Transport Unit on 01225 718080,

or  email, or write to:

The Passenger Transport Unit, Wiltshire Council,

County Hall, Trowbridge.  BA14 8JN.