Parking Arrangements for Solstice

Parking Permits for Solstice Period

During the period of the solstice, 19th to 22nd June, it will not be possible to park in a number of places without a permit. This mostly affects Avebury but also A4361, Mill Lane, Church Lane and the Main Village Road through Winterbourne Monkton including off road laybys

Avebury Parish Council have changed the method of application and the length of period the permit lasts in order to make the process a bit easier.

Residents will be issued with a window sticker permit for each of their vehicles, these will have the registration on and will be sequentially numbered. Each permit will last 3 years. Permits will be nontransferable. These will allow residents to park in the no-waiting area throughout the parish.

Winterbourne Monkton residents can apply through Berwick Bassett and Winterbourne Monkton Parish Council. Avebury PC have agreed that the permits applied for through this Parish Council do not need to collect the permits in person from Avebury although this route is still available if its more convenient. At present we have not been made aware of the collection dates and venue

Regardless of the means of collection the following information is required

First Name
Last Name
Contact Phone Number
Email Address
Vehicle Reg

A proof of ID is also required on collection.

This PC and Avebury PC  may use this information to contact you regarding permits in future years – if you do not wish this to happen then please indicate your preference.

Avebury PC may share this information with Wiltshire Council and the Police for the purposes of the permit scheme.

Paper permits will be available for visitors over this period but these will need to be collected from Avebury These will only be available for use this year. The same information will be required.

If you’d like this Parish Council to handle your application for you please reply with required information to 191 Winterbourne Monkton or email the information to [email protected]

Thank You

Janice Pattison           (clerk to Berwick Bassett and Winterbourne Monkton PC)

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