So you want to get rid of something but it’s too good to throw away or perhaps too big to fit in your car? Well there are a number of organisations that can help you and at no cost to yourself.

There’s a quick guide to reusing your unwanted household items in Wiltshire here: Too good to throw away

And here is WasteNotLeaflet2016 which describes a registered charity that collects, free of charge, unwanted items of serviceable furniture and household goods to pass on at affordable prices to families and individuals on low income and to all senior citizens.

Other charities include Bridging the Gap based in Semington which collects and provides furniture and clothes etc to people in crisis through a referral system. Contact Andy on 07741 461198 to check availability or click here for website details.

The Repair Academy based in Calne collects furniture and white goods from the Household Recycle Centres, refurbishes them and sell them on a low cost.  See here.

Finally don’t forget sites such as Freecycle Swindon and Freegle