Utilities and Council

Thames Water can be found here, call 0800 316 9800 for questions about your water supply

Wiltshire County Council can be found here with a guide to all services

The Environment Agency can be found here

North Wessex Downs AONB Tel 01488 685440 or click here

MPs and Councillors

The register of Parish Councillors’ interests can be found here.

If you wish to write to your County Councillor, MP or an MEP click here; alternatively they can be contacted with the following information:

Our County Councillor is Jane Davies Tel 01672 861766 or click here

Our MP is Claire Perry Tel 01380 729358 or click here

Our MEPs are:

Ashley Fox (Conservative) click here

Julia Reid (UKIP) click here

Julie Girling (Conservative) click here

William (The Earl of) Dartmouth (UKIP) click here

Molly Scott Cato (Green) click here

Clare Moody (Labour) click here


Service 49 Swindon to Devizes timetables click here

Service 42 Calne – Compton Bassett – Yatesbury – Avebury – Marlborough timetables click here

Kennet Community Transport [Link] Tel 01672 513861 or click here


Avebury Community Shop Tel 01672 539200 or click here

The Reverend Maria Shepherdson Tel 01672 539643 or email revmariashepherson@outlook.com

The Churchwarden, Penny Gold, Tel 01672 539158 or email goldpennygold@aol.com

The Benefice Office [weddings, baptisms, funerals etc.], Tel 01672 861786 or click here

Upper Kennet News editor David Throup, Tel 01672 861279 or email davidthroup@aol.com

Police – non urgent number to call is 101 or click here


Marborough Surgery Tel 01672 512187 or click here

Wroughton Surgery Tel 01793 812221 or click here

Great Western Hospital Tel 01793 604020 or click here

Savernake Hospital Tel 01672 517200