Emergency Contact Numbers

During the period of Covid-19 lockdown the following local numbers may be called or help with shopping, prescriptions or a chat. They will also put you in touch with other local volunteers who may be able to help with other issues such as IT problems

Cllr Jill Petchey 01672 539794

Cllr Andrew George-Perutz 01793 739230


Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub 0300 003 4576 will provide similar help from a Wiltshire wide volunteer force

Healthwatch Wiltshire will make referrals to an NHS Volunteers Responders service. To register your details call 01225 434218

Defibrillator locations.

As you may be aware, and judging from the excellent turnout for the training programme many are, we now have three defibrillators situated in the Parish. Two of these are in Winterbourne Monkton and the third is in Berwick Bassett.

The locations are:

Winterbourne Monkton: One between the garages at Rathgael House and the second is attached to the barn at The Granary by the church car park.

Berwick Bassett: Attached to the barn at the entrance to Manor Farm.